FF6 is busted.

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    Hi guys

    A friend of mine was given a copy of Final Fantasy 6 on Gameboy Advance. The packaging is quite blatantly fake, the cartridge itself is either legit or a highly convincing replica. Problem is with the save system. It says that the files are all corrupted, gives me the option to erase them, so I do, and the empty file immediately corrupts, essentially making saving impossible. Is there anything that can be done to repair it, or should we just give up and bin it?
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    The games are supposed to use SRAM, I do not know if that means actual SRAM or the non battery backed feRAM. If it is a battery you might wish to try changing it.

    If you can get some scans/photos up of the cart (and PCB if you can) it might be able to settle the fake/real debate as well.
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