FF3 Help me unlock Onion Knight!

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  1. VulcanDaisoo

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    Dec 14, 2006
    Hi guys,

    I'm trying to unlock Onion Knight job.
    So it would be great if anyone could add my friend code so that i can send mails and do the secret quest.

    my friend code is...
    4210 0003 1986

    I saw some posts of people starting FF3 here.
    It will be great if u add me and let me know ur friend code so we can unlock onion knight together.

    - in case u didn't know,
    Onion knight is a secret job in the game which will allow you to use any weapon, armor and magic of any level, when you max the job level.
    You can unlock them by sending mails to friends over the wifi connection 7 times and sending 4 letters to Topapa after that, which will unlock a small quest. Onion Knight job will be unlocked after the quest.

    so, add me to your friend list and i'll add you!
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    There's a thread in the wi-fi forum where many people have posted FF3 friend codes. Post your friend code there and maybe PM some of the other people with recent posts to see if they still play the game:


    Also Onion Knight doesn't get good with job level, it gets good with character level. You have to get your character level to about 94 - 95 for the Onion Knight to be as good as the rest of your party. It takes forever. But after level 95, it's the most powerful / versatile job in the game.
  4. VulcanDaisoo

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    Dec 14, 2006
    thanks guys. it's all done.
    and thanks jdtsm22 for ur help