Gaming FF The 4 Heroes of Light - Building a complete save file


Jul 1, 2009
Hi! =)

I did some searching and couldn't find a thread compiled with what I am searching for, so:

I've decided to restart my FFT4HOL file 35 hours in so I can get a perfect file, not to mention learning my lesson in selling items [lost my hunting horn first time round].

So what I'd like to request is, perhaps some links/etc.etc. that contain all I need to not miss anything, or at least get all the things that I cannot freely return to/obtain at any point in the game after I've finished the story.

By that, I'm including things such as chests in places that disappear [e.g. the Liberte Whirlpool, although that's not an issue since its on Gamefaqs and whatnot], as to obtain 100% treasure, and all those items that can only be obtained at certain points in the game [probably excluding ones that can be later purchased using multiplayer points], amongst other things needed to get all the achievements.

Thanks heaps in advance for any help that comes my way,

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