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  1. lilfrankie

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    Dec 31, 2006
    .. Please re-create the archive.

    That's what the error says that I'm getting when I want to start my Final Fantasy III game. For *some reason* I was copying, moving and pasting my .sav file with DS-organize (normally I do it with the PC, but I was in Spain) on my R4 and al of a sudden I get this error. I'm pretty pisted off at myself cause I was just before one of the last (maybe the last) boss and now I can't play anymore. I think I just ruined my game and I have to download a .sav file somewhere which comes the closest to mine, but the part with please re-create the archive gave me a little hope. (though I know nothing about files).
    Anyone who can help me or al least can explain to me what the hell happend? [​IMG]

    Thanks in advance,

    EDIT: not sure if this is in the right section, but atleast I need help. [​IMG]
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    I know the the gut wrenching feeling of losing saves, what probably happened is DSOrganise corrupted the file system (it has been know to). Alas your original save is probably lost (recreating is a damn hard task).

    Personally if you can recall what your team roughly had you could use the save editor to recreate it. Thread here:
    I have mirror here in case the ones there do not work.:
    Edit: just noticed GBATemp has a mirror too: http://gbatemp.net/index.php?download=358

    Dualscene have some saves too if you can not dig up one from here or somebody does not wish to post one:

    Cracker also did a trainer for the game:
  3. lilfrankie

    lilfrankie GBAtemp Regular

    Dec 31, 2006
    Thanx for the reply [​IMG]

    I totally forgot the save editor.. Should try that one, although I first need a .sav file.
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