FF 4 Heroes of Light Stat Diff Job Growths

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    I know it sounds like a stupid question, and I'm sure it DOES in fact affect stat growth, but I wanted to ask anyway. Of course, I'd much rather it didn't, so it'd be less of a stressing matter changing classes in certain bits as it would deviate from the stat growth that I'd want it to have. E.g. I intend for Jusqua to be a Black Mage endgame, but there may be some bits I need/want him to be a bard or an elementalist or something.

    Edit: I have received word each character has fixed max stats. I will post my findings once I find the page showing each character's max stats for anyone interested to see once I find it.

    Edit 2: Here's the link : Final Fantasy The 4 Heroes of Light Final Stats
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