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    Mar 14, 2009
    hi guys,

    few quick questions,

    few details
    i have cioscorp and a patched mios to play wii and gamecube backups through the game channel,

    1/ whats the easiest way to make a multiboot gamecube disc, will it work with my current set up?

    2) i have cioscorp and ciosrev10, im not too sure but having cioscorp replaces anything else right, so i technically wouldnt have rev10? if i DO then whats the easiest way to upgrade to 13, is there a simple network installer like there was for 10? would i need to install 11 and 12 too or just 13?

    and finally

    3}- is there a way to make the gamecube save to the sd or wii systemmemory?
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    Jan 7, 2009
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    1- Not too sure of multiboot discs so I'll leave that for someone else.

    2- I don't think CIOSCORP has anything to do with non official IOS, as far as I know it just installs custom IOS versions of all your normal IOS while ciosrev10 would install to IOS 249, which CIOSCORP shouldn't bother with. You should be able to upgrade to 13 normally via a network install through the installer. You only need 13 not the ones before. Any cios installer you run will just install over whatever version is there already. I suggest only actually upgrading if you find you have some problems with rev10 that rev 13 fixes.

    3- I'm pretty sure you can't save anything directly to the sd card as gamecube mode doesn't have access to it, but I do remember seeing something involving gamecube saves in the homebrew browser so it may be possible to extract save files?