1. kyrusdemnati

    OP kyrusdemnati Advanced Member

    Jan 12, 2019
    United Kingdom
    hi guys

    i have hekate ipl, firmware is 9.00 on my NSP

    first point - transferring nsp to switch via usb
    i have gold leaf 073 and on the mac i have ns-usbloader-0.9
    i dont see the option of usb install on goldleaf, but i do see under explore content, remote pc (i assume its this) this has only worked once in the past, and i could see directories on my macbook and install games, but it doesnt seem to work any more
    i did download the latest tinfoil as an alternartive, but that keeps brings up the error and reboot screen.

    2) my 400gb sd card is full and i have to delete games to install new ones, what is the best way of backing up some of the games from the switch (i have lost many of the original nsp files when i initally installed them, so they are all on the switch)
    can i get the nsp. back off and whats the easiest way to do this? (i want to transfer back to pc and i will transfer to an external hd)
    i hope you can help
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