Few questions on Inazuma Eleven

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    So i am playing the Inazuma eleven game on my nds and its pretty good , i saw some of the cut scenes of the anime and it seemed pretty good to me but i could be wrong so anyways i got a few questions about this anime if they could be answered (ive used wiki and stuff but i need more info).
    - Is the anime on going and whats the most recent episode?
    - Whats the anime about apart from playing soccer with ability's out of this world

    and my last question
    - Have you watched it, if so what is your opinion about it

    Thanks in advance
    i would have posted this on ask.gbatemp but there was't a section.
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    Yes the anime is on going. I think the latest is like 115 or 116.

    Yeah, I've watched it, but I'm only up to the second season, so far it's pretty good, but I can't really say much about wether or not it's only about soccr and abilities, but during the second season they have to save the world from aliens that use soccer to decide which race is more superior.

    Hope I could help.
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    All I know is that it's currently on 117 ^~^
    With a hella long way to go :3