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Discussion in 'Acekard' started by Winner_Is_You, May 14, 2008.

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    So I've finally caved and decided that I'm getting myself a DS Flashcart. I've narrowed it down to the Acekard. Thing is, I want to know a couple of things prior to my purchase.

    One: I've read up in some of these topics and from what I gather, there's more versions of the Acekard out than the RPG and 2. Is this so? Also, aside from cosmetic and hardware changes, what are the differences between the models performance wise?

    Two: Likewise, I've also read a few reports here and numerous elsewhere that if one gets a flashcart that has a chip that sticks out even a very miniscule amount, either their DS' Slot 1 or the flashcart itself will become damaged. In addition to knowing if this is true or not, is it possible for anyone to tell me how far out the chip on the RPG or the 2 sticks out?

    Three: Is the Acekard Real-Time Save compatible and can it connect to appropriate Wii games (eg: Pokemon Battle Revolution)

    Thanks in advance guys.
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    3.No to both the only card that can do both of them is the cyclo.
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    #1 The difference is onboard memory, RPG comes with a gigabyte that is guaranteed to work no matter what. Some SD cards work better than others, and at least from reviews I had been reading before ordering mine could present problems.

    From my own experience, the Kingston flash I already owned works perfectly. I just stuck some games and stuff on it, and everything checks out and I can't tell the difference. So it comes down to a personal preference. I like being able to move data between them within the DS, and I can put new stuff on either by plugging my RPG directly through USB or removing the SD memory. I keep my emulation stuff and whatever I'm just playing at the moment on the RPG, and then the select games I always like to play (Mario Kart, Jump Ultimate Stars, etc) on my flash.

    Also at the time of this writing the loaders aren't compatible between the two products for some reason. I'm hoping the devs will consolidate the two at some point, but until then I think the RPG loader is the superior of the two. You probably want to go with the Bliss third party if you want cheat.dat support, slow motion and saves states (I don't think the latter is yet implemented), and various fixes.

    #2 That sounds like a myth to me. You're talking about stress testing and if it were a factor we'd probably hear some widespread reports, especially on this site and the official board, because the RPG has been out for quite awhile. As far as that stuff goes, I hear people saying that they're breaking touch screens playing Elite Beat Agents or World Ends With You, where I've played both and can't imagine ever breaking something. So I think they tend to be user problems rather than a performance issue.

    I do know firsthand that the RPG is a tighter fit than commercial cards or my previous DS-X, I can tell that a bit more pressure is required in inserting+removing it but I can't perceive any reason to worry. It fits flush in the DS and I've never worried about it as long as I've owned it.

    #3 Save states are more about the software than the hardware, as mentioned above I heard that the Bliss third party is working on this feature. My personal assessment is that we'll see the feature, it's just a question of when. I can't say with absolute certainty though, or whether it will be compatible with every single game.
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    1.Dunno, I've just used the Acekard 2

    2.Myth. Slot 1 flashkarts are little thicker than normal DS games, but it won't hurt either your DS or flashkart.

    3.CycloDS Evo and Scds1 are the only flashkarts available today that can utilize Real Time Save. CycloDS Evo works with Wii connectivity too.
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    Both of those statements are wrong, Bliss doesnt know any or very little Assembly so he can't do any of those features atleast not by himself. I was the one who implemented slow motion and have been thinking about save states (rts) but as of now haven't actually done much about them.
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    The only two current Acekard models are the RPG and the 2. The other ones are much older and not worth getting.
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    I appreciate all the input guys. And I suppose I was being a little dumb when I made my third question about Real-Time Saves. I was meaning RTS as in the Real-Time Clock function that was needed on the GBA for Pokemon and the like and somehow, it completely flew over my head that this was a DS and it had its own internal clock for that sort of thing.

    I suppose not being able to connect directly to a Wii is fine, since very few games use that function anyway (mainly being Pokemon, and for that I could just trade from the RPG to my Diamond cart) and I don't really need save-states. I'm almost 100% sold on this, but I have one final thing I want to clarify with you guys.

    I have read the review on GBAtemp and I've read other reviews saying so as well, but I just want to be sure. Acekard RPG has 100% compatibility with Nintendo WiFi Connection, Download Play and Local Multiplayer support, correct? And again, thanks for the help guys. I appreciate it.
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