Few Questions about Modchips and ISOs

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    Well, after deciding not to get a Wii and go with a 360 instead, I left the Wii mod scene, but I plan on getting one soon now, so i have some questions:

    1. Can you download Wii games/back-ups online and then play them on the Wii? Kind of like playing GBA or DS roms. I'm almost positive this is possible by now, but need confirmation.

    2. If so, how? Are these Wii modchips needed for running back-ups?

    3. Can someone give me a list of all current modchips?

    4. What's the best, current modchip in your opinion?

    5. What are the risks of installing a modchip or running back-ups?
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    I think you spend more time reading the forums.

    Look at the stickies for a lot of your answers.

    4) Most hassle free atm Wiikey
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    1. Yeah you can, different regions for Wii games cause a bit of hassle although a fair few games are playable.

    2. Yeah you need a modchip. They all use exploits in the drive setup and come as either a chip which you attach (typically solder) or a wire you run to your PC (and will need to do every time).

    3. They were appearing almost every day but they seem to have slowed, I am afraid I can not give a list but the forum(s) do have a fair bit.

    4. This sort of thing varies with temperature. The news posts should help sort this one.

    5. Some poeple have burnt connections by bad soldering and damaged cases but patience and a bit of experience/practice (either your own or someone you rope in) should stop this from happening.
    Some have stripped screws but that is a case of not using the correct tools.

    6. Sorry for being so vauge.