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    Jul 14, 2006

    I just bought a new DS-Lite! [​IMG]
    (and thinking to buy G6-Lite + PassCard 3...any comments/suggestions?)

    I have some questions:
    1 - All Flash-Cards can play online(Nintendo WFC)???
    2 - LAN/Network play, If my friend use M3 and I use G6, and the other one use EZFlash IV, can we play it normally?
    3 - I have EZFlash I - 256. Without PassCard 3, can I play normally(100% functional) GBA games? And with PassCard 3, can I play some DS games?? (size less than 256Mb)
    4 - Does the Flash-Card modify permanently anything in my DS System/(Firmware?)?

    Sorry for my bad english... ^^"

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    while I cant answer the all, ill try to answer most [​IMG]
    1. Not too sure. had a POS "xg flash" and would freeze alot. Until i got a supercard, nooo problems. (yet again i was trying to run ds roms on a gba based flash cart before i got the supercard)
    2. THe games should work perfectly. (those are some good carts, and you shouldnt have any problems with them [​IMG] )
    3. yes, you can play gba games with the ezflash 256. THis is a gba based flashcard, so compatability should be good. You only need a passcard 3 or similar device to play ds games. Not too sure about the DS compatability. Im sure there's ways around it, but while your at it, Pick up a supercard (at least) and you wont be dissapointed by the ds compatability (but it has bad Gba compatability) if your after both, pick up a m3. (see reviews button at top of page for more info)
    4. Flashcards themselves dont modify any firmware. This can only occur if you "flash" your ds. (where you wont need the passcard or passme type device ever again.)
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    nintendofreak took most of the questions already so:
    3)Yes you can play DS games using your EZ1, EZClient 3.20 and above have inbuilt DS patching mechanisms with the 3.26 version (the current one) having compatibility up there with the EZ4.
    EZClient downloads:
    As for roms up to 256mbit in size yes you can only play up to that size however most DS roms can be stripped of parts of the roms (intro movies, cutscenes, soundfiles etc) very easily which can bring them down to size:
  4. TM_Sephiroth

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    Jul 14, 2006
    Thanks too! [​IMG]
    (Remember me right? The guy with hundred question at mIRC [​IMG] )
    In this way, I will can test the compatibility of EZ-Flash IV (then, I can decide If I buy it or not)