Hacking Few issues, 3DS Roms not loading and Luna3ds updater not loading also


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Jan 15, 2021
United Kingdom
Hey guys, so i'm literally probably the biggest noob in the world when it comes to stuff like this, i only bought a 3ds xl recently and took me like 4 hours to learn how to put CFW(luma3ds or whatever) on it.
So i got my .3ds roms , and installed them as .CIAs, Zelda Ocarina of time, super mario bros2, mario 3dland, mario 3d land all work just fine! Then the other games that don't work are just 3 different mario partys and mario kart, i get a message saying: an error occured (ErrDisp), error type: Generic
So here's the part where you probably will laugh ( If you haven't already); my firmware on my 3ds xl is: Sys 4.4.0-6E,(I'm guessing the 3ds games wont work as the firmware is so old?) as i knew very little about 3ds when i did the CFW i didnt realise how old this firmware was so i instantly googled how to update my CFW, so then i go onto my luna3ds updater and it just doesn't load at all, the screen moves so it like isnt frozen or anything. But i already know i have the lastest Luna as i spoke to a well known guy called Sthetix and he gave me a link to the latest one: link.sthetix.info/starterpack
So i guess my overall question is... Is there a way i can update my CFW without using Luna3ds updater? thanks so much
(Sorry for my awful grammer, i have dyslexia, i'm just glad i've got as far as i have now LOL)


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