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    Nov 27, 2020
    Would have asked this yesterday but, I'm new so my introduction ate up my daily thread.
    (This question is a copy from Serenes Forest, but that place is a ghost town for FE13 modding)

    Anyway, the title describes my problem I'm having. I modified X012.cmb and X012.bin.lz(Dispos file) to spawn and allow M!Morgan to be recruited alongside F!Morgan. However, upon the completion of the chapter and going past the save screen, the game stays freezes on a black screen.

    I'll provide pictures of the script and dispos bin file (or the actual files) if needed but its really got me stumped, everything seems fine.

    Oh god why am I modding awakening when I could be modding fates. (Shadowofchaos725 what have you done to me.)

    Any help would be much appreciated and thank you for taking the time to read this thread.

    edit: oh god I noticed my smooth brain sentence comprehension. "after after"
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