FCE Ultra GX - Unable to access SaveState while playing roms in 7zip

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    Oct 16, 2015
    (sorry I posted this in the Wii forum initially, didn't spot this forum)

    I have approx 500 NES roms in a 7zip file. The 7z file is approx 94MB and the roms are fully playable in FCE Ultra GX (Homebrew Channel running on Virtual Wii on my WiiU).

    A problem occurs when I try to save state, it says it's unable to do so (I don't have a problem when the rom is out of the 7zip file).

    I used the LZMA compression method (LZMA2) doesn't work with FCE Ultra GX, but do I need to tweak other settings when creating the 7zip file (like Dictionary Size, etc) ?

    I'm encountering the same problem in all of Tantric's releases (like Snes9x GX).

    Is this functionality available for roms in 7zip files?