FbBuild V0.30 and dashlaunch 2.22

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    I am guessing most of you know the deal by now but if not there are various 360 hacks of which the most extensive is the JTAG aka SMC hack long blocked by MS but those that managed to do it or get a machine with it have a lot of things they can do that those doing USB/hard drive content hacks or DVD drive modding can not do. Each new 360 kernel brings some new things to the table behind the scenes as well as in front of it (new apis and what have you) so to keep up each new kernel needs to be hacked and that is what this is. Dashlaunch became a companion program/hack installer (these days installed and runs on the 360 side of things if you prefer) which features things like autolaunch of a given program (or shortcuts upon launch) as well as having a few more hacks and the ability to install your own hack patch (various ones have appeared over the course of things with some nice abilities including things like controller remapping.

    At present there is little need to update but 12th wave and XDG3 are just around the corner (it has been about a month since the official dash release) and although people can probably dodge that for a while (dashlaunch removed version checks a while back and xextool has similar abilities) a hacked dash is nice to have none the less.

    You can install this whatever hacked dash you might be using but if you lack the necessary files (ideally you would want to use the original NAND dump to make them)then 360 flash dump tool should get you what you need.

    The download comes with a command line building program which is simple enough but over the coming days the GUI builders will probably get updates, you will also want the files from the official dash but they should be wherever you find a download.
    These days we suggest NANDFlasher360 if you need a simple homebrew tool to flash your 360 NAND.

    That over onto the good stuff.

    <b>FbBuild 0.30</b>

    I have not really looked in depth to see what goes with the DVD drive. I would be surprised if it did not block DVD reflashing and we have long known LT of any flavour (and I presume 1.6NS for those still on that) still works on the new dashes.

    Just the 0.30 changelog
    <!--c1--><div class='codetop'>CODE</div><div class='codemain'><!--ec1-->0.30
    - correction to allow relative paths in ini files (using ..\
    ÂÂÂÂand similar in flash files segment only)
    - upgrade freeboot core and payload for embedding and buildtime customization
    - add command line options to set cygnos UART speed and dvd tray state check in bootstrap
    - starting xell based on tray state depreciated, now starts based on console
    ÂÂÂÂpowerup reason being eject button; 'olddvd' and 'nodvd' options ovveride this.
    - correct spare data for big block system reserve size (previously handled via
    ÂÂÂÂkernel patch; better known as big block nand MU corruption)
    - simplify command line options via per build files for options and console type
    - xell is now checked for as "xell-2f.bin" first in per build folder, then firmware /bin,
    ÂÂ then root/beside exe. First found is what is used.
    - config_raw.bin and keyvault.bin added as alternate names for smc config and keyvault files
    - level1 output now shows info on smc config data like fan speed and similar
    - removed perbuild dir requirement so it is again possible to use old ibuild folder layout
    - (optional) perbuild ini file for options and setting some smc config variables added (options.ini)
    - nanddump.bin, providing console dump can provide smc/smc_config/kv and LBA mappings, can auto
    ÂÂÂÂremap bad blocks and blocks with ECD issues (options to disable provided)
    - added USB reset to OHCI on xell boots, xell should pick up USB sticks without unplugging the console
    - add 13146 base files
    - various bug fixes<!--c2--></div><!--ec2-->

    Release NFO

    <b>Dashlaunch 2.22</b>
    Just the 2.22 changelog
    <!--c1--><div class='codetop'>CODE</div><div class='codemain'><!--ec1-->v2.22
    - resolving 'localhost' when the router forwards it to the internet or there is
    ÂÂÂÂno network at all... bad idea game devs... fixed (Yars', maybe others)
    - button handler now more reliably removes Y and A mishandling when held on
    ÂÂÂÂminiblade exits
    - added new note to readme regarding update prompts and avatar data missing
    - hopefully extracted new games are now working fine, instead of GOD only
    - potential bug corrected in 12611/12625 patch sets
    - add 13146 compatibility
    - all patch sets updated to fully remove xex bound checks (ie: default.xex
    ÂÂÂÂon root of USB causing E71)
    - "remotenxe" option added to ini(thx adihash!)
    - windows button on remote always boots to NXE/media center now(thx adihash!)
    - added "guide" and "power" path options to set boot time default override
    - changed kxam.patch, first .long must be the kernel version the patches match
    - added a check to kxam.patch data to abort on invalid address
    - added "nohud" option
    - added installer check to verify at least the 1BL segment of patches before
    ÂÂÂÂinstalling, will re-ask and warn of possible corruption/brick<!--c2--></div><!--ec2-->

    Full Dashlaunch NFO
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    Nice. I really should get around to updating mine one of these days (Still on 12611). Not used mine for a while, so I hope latest dashlaunch to skip version checks is enough to keep me going for now (I'm lazy and can't be bothered to update until I have to).
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    0.31 got released to correct a few bugs with the building program. If you have already updated and it is working carry on
    Abridged NFO
    What's New:
    ÂÂÂÂ(0.31 is a maintenance release to correct ini parsing bugs)
    ÂÂÂÂ- multiple options added to command line, alternate methods of setting
    ÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂthose options perbuild (via ini or plain files)
    ÂÂÂÂ- a dump can be provided to retain console data such as bad block
    ÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂremapping, smc and config, and keyvault; note that the CPU key
    ÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂprovided to fbbuild must match the nanddump for keyvault
    ÂÂÂÂ- reboot core is now patched based on desired method for entering xell
    ÂÂÂÂ- files are simplified, core and payload are embedded into fbbuild exe
    ÂÂÂÂ- xell-2f.bin is now set to be checked for beside the exe and in the
    ÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂper console directory, though old locations override
    ÂÂÂÂ- launch.xex and lhelper.xex is set in the firmware ini files to be found
    ÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂbeside the fbbuild exe
    ÂÂÂÂ- minor updates and fixes
    - corrected some ini parser flaws, ';' is no longer required to terminate entries
    ÂÂÂÂnewline at end of file no longer required
    - added errors/warnings when providing a command line option but no arg
    - added checks for odd flash header data when seeking kv/smc binaries (xenon images)
    - removed need of , in filelist.ini when no crc is provided on crc-optional sections
    As expected a few build programs got updates
    Jtag Tool V3.13 from coolshrimp
    Easy Freeboot v5.20 from sneaky peanut

    Apparently some of the slim liteon stuff is coming along as well.