Favourite "humour" news show.

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    Being an unkempt youth at heart I can rarely be bothered to watch the news and will instead seek a less serious news show or news site.

    To that end sharing of your favourites
    Weekly Wipe (quite UK oriented) - he also did Screenwipe (I usually link up a video of him explaining the madness that is the US TV setup for the TV cancellations threads), Newswipe, Gameswipe and "How TV ruined your life" before it as well as wrote for various papers as well as a few bits of fiction like Dead Set and A touch of cloth- basically he is to media studies what various newspapers saying plumbers often touch £100K have been to that trade.

    An older program from him

    The Hamster wheel (largely Australia oriented, good for me as everybody forgets Australia exists otherwise)- The group behind it is known as the Chaser and they have done quite a bit as well, most notably for those not in Australia "the chaser's war on everything"

    For the more text favouring types I will usually opt for http://www.theregister.co.uk/ for IT and a lot of science stuff, it is nominally UK based but serious presences in the US, Australia and they do well enough in mainland Europe too.

    Sadly most of these seem to be treated like actual TV shows and only have small runs leaving me wanting more. Rather nicely the screenwipe/newswipe crew has also put together an end of year summary and for the last few years have been the only thing to make me have a clue about the world at large* (at the end of the year, after it all happened and after it had all become largely irrelevant to conversations at large).

    *I have a great fear that this is the recipe that will see me end up the 2060's equivalent of today's largely housebound racist I hear if the radio is stupid enough to have members of the public phone in and/or throw rotten fruit at in the street.

    Obligatory mention- Daily show and spinoffs there (largely US based). These do what their titles say and are daily (well weekdays). I used to watch the daily show as we got it on TV a day later but for some reason stopped.
    Going further back there were also things like spitting image though that is far more towards satire than news.

    I realise a lot of these might not cross language barriers but we are a fairly multilingual lot around here so do not be afraid to share such a program if it is only in your primary language.
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    If you're interested in keeping up with the Daily Show and the Colbert Report, they post the episodes online for free on their respective websites (here and here). As long as there's no limitation to US viewers only, you can watch any episode you want right on there.

    As for other shows... I've only been able to see the pilot (I missed the rest of the season since it airs at midnight on Thursdays, so I'm waiting to catch up), but Newsreaders was pretty great. It's from the same creative team as Childrens Hospital, so it manages to keep the jokes coming at a quick pace. Definitely recommended.

    EDIT: It's more of a parody of news programs than a news program that lampoons the news, though, so I'm not sure if it quite fits the criteria.
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    I used to really enjoy Mock the Week, and I occasionally watch Have I Got News For You.
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    I absolutely adore Charlie Brooker. I deliberately avoided watching any news at all in 2012 while waiting for this...

    Warning: Spoilers inside!
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    Have I Got News For You is generally a decent (UK) one when it's on (only ever on for stints of perhaps 6 weeks or so). Although there is usually quite a slant towards politics, which may appeal to you more than it does to me.
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    I do not know about deliberately but I have watched all the 20?? wipes as they have come out and they invariably lead to a "oh that is what people were speaking/memeing about".