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    Nov 21, 2005
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    People that don't understand things tend to be scared of things and defer to others. Two of mine that I routinely meet in the same sorts of places are people not understanding chemicals, not understanding technology (though that usually goes the other way in my experience), and people actually believing the MPAA and other censorship agencies are worth the oxygen they consume.

    A discussion about mercury earlier reminded me of an event a while back. So as usual I find myself at a car boot sale trawling for interesting things. On the floor are two lovely big lab style mercury thermometers, would have had them but I thought she might have knew what they were worth and was way more than my fun stuff money stretched to that day (I might come off as cynical but in reality I think I think too highly of people). I point out to the lady running the stall (classic my tinkerer uncle died and I am selling their stuff stall -- such scenarios are one of the main reasons I go to such places) that maybe they did not want to be on the floor to be stepped on and go into the nice grass.
    Upon my mentioning and seeing silver (as opposed to the blue or red alcohol thermometers tend to opt for around here) and thus that they were mercury she practically pisses her knickers, grabs them up, thrusts them into my chest and says you take them. Being the filthy hippy at heart (also capable of handling mercury, not that she knew that) and... not wanting to see them break and leech into the soil near where some rare birds nest I obliged and went on my way.

    Places selling second hand tat also have some odd ones. I have some religious relative stories believing the MPAA (this despite not placing too much stock in governments the rest of the time -- guess rationality is not a virtue) and some fun ones in charity shops where people get given a nice bunch of neo nazi metal/punk (which given their specific mission is probably not a great look) and whatnot so I thought I would note it for them.

    Framing questions then.
    Have you ever met people that massively overreacted to chemicals that were present, to technology that was present (sadly I have yet to meet a "wifi sensitive" person, though some smart arse will in turn likely point that nobody has ever met one) or for the content of some works? Story of those interactions or observations. Can be everyday life, when playing medic or in industry, even better though if it is people that should have known better.
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    As in censorship of people's "natural right" to assemble (in person or otherwise) and trade their digital artworks? :P

    One of our high school philosophy teachers always made a big point of using mobile phones with earphones and keeping them away from your body;
    in the 5th and last year it's also the norm to have a 5 day excursion in a foreign country, and she volunteered as one of the "victims";
    conclusion - everyone brought bluetooth headphones, nobody complained
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    It's one of the least stressful ones on the environment and, if designed properly, one of the safest ones.

    Video games.
    Mass shooting, blame games!
    Agression, blame games!

    In censorship, I would say gamergate, but they were (and are) trying to tale aspect of games away...
    (Tokyo mirage being a recent reminder from both then and now (switch))

    In regards to the wifi.
    When there's a power outage it is the only time it's entirely silent in my house/street etc. So it's not entirely unlikely that there are people who are effected... Only I think they should move away in that case, instead of trying to ban it for tens, or hundreds of people.
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    i think that sometimes. why dont a place like the UK have more nuclear power plants. earthquake is like zero chance. when a place like japan has loads. makes no sense to me.

    on the subject matter. porn on the internet.

    like why? i understand if its vile type stuff. but if its two adults having a good time, like why not. like some US states banning gay porn. no sane straight man would ban porn. only closet politicians would.

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    Religious straight men are a thing. But then I guess it would be a question of sanity.
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