[FAULT] flashing power supply, console wont stay on....

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    I finally obtained a mint in box xbox one yesterday and it is like new and within warranty (until 6/22/17).

    When plugged in the power supply flashes orange and white, and the console will turn on and then immediately off.

    I have read and read and gone througgh all the official and unofficial troubleshooting, and even youtube videos to no avail (thinking there must be at least a hacky way to boot it each time?!).

    Finally I resorted to registering it and using the Microsoft device supports In Warranty - Same Unit Repair: selecting "turns on but wont start up" as the reason, however the process will not complete! It keeps failing with this error:

    I have been trying throughout last night and all of today to get it to go through, but it wont..... must have tried 50 times now.... I even emailed support but got nothing back....

    Any thoughts/advice appreciated.

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    Sep 20, 2017
    Same thing happened to my buddy.. after trying almost everything, we came to the conclusion that it was a hardware problem. with both the power brick, and thee console... the power brick has a common issue of a capacitor (similar looking to a battery) exploding within the casing of the power brick... you can get a new one for about 37 bucks, and a replacement console for 120 bucks... go to the xbox website then go to support, and navigate to repair order, then you will have to register the console on the ms device page using your e-mail + the consoles serial number, and your description... took 'em one day and they're shipping a new console already... only downside is you must create a seperate repair order for the power brick, i think...
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