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    Jul 9, 2006
    A couple of questions.

    Is it fine to format as FAT32 for general use or should we only use FAT16?. It was my understanding FAT16 was only important when updating the loader.

    Also is there any real advantage of any later version of the loader over the 4.0 dual language other than Rockman now saves properly?. If there's not then chinese cart users may as well use this, so to have it in english.
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    There is no advantage to FAT32 over FAT16 on the G6 Lite. It's preferable to keep it on FAT16 so that you may update the loader whenever you want, as opposed to having to format the card and starting over.

    As to the loader..it's up to you what you consider to be important or not, also imagining that there will be more updates as time goes on: