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    Well I decided to download 2 games from virtual console for the wii and the ones i chose were The legend of Zelda and Super Mario Bros. Well since i've only played the first zelda a couple of times i didn't notice any changes or anything...but when i started playing super mario bros i emmidietly noticed that the song was a lot faster, mario moved faster...well the game was a lot faster ingennerell...Is it just me or have any of you alos noticed this?? [​IMG]
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    perhaps some 50hz vs. 60hz going on there? Did you maybe have a PAL nes, but now have a NTSC wii? Or maybe, SMB is set to run at full speed on PAL wii's now. If any of those are true, you originally played it at a 17% slower rate than what it was meant for and are now experiencing the true speed.
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    No actually Mario is a PAL optimized game and does not seem to have that problem if you set your Wii to 50Hz. The point is, in difference to sonic, everyone played Mario at the same speed. I tested this with the following roms:

    Mario + Duck hunt (eu) and Mario + Duck hunt (us)

    PAL game, PAL nes -> 10 realttime seconds = 374secs left.
    PAL game, NTSC nes -> 369 secs left.
    NTSC game, NTSC nes -> 374 secs left.
    NTSC game, PAL nes -> 378 secs left.

    So as long as a version of the game for the correct region is used, everyone has the same in game speed.
    On the Wii, as you are from Sweden, you download the PAL, 50hz version. To get the normal speed you have to set your Wii to 50Hz. Again, in the case of mario, that normal speed is the same world wide, so we europeans don't have to be ashamed of playing Mario at a lower speed than originally planed.