Fargo Season 3 - The Villainous Englishman

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    Oct 29, 2015
    I've always really enjoyed Fargo the TV series very much, especially the first season (Billy Bob was a very comedic actor and a fixer) but the third is truly a masterpiece. Every episode of Fargo feels like a short-film you get to enjoy till next week's episode airs. :)

    Vargas, Season 3's villain is the type that you love and hate at the same time due to all the mixed feelings chilling throw you. I suppose that Vargas being English adds in a new flavour as well, plus, not to disregard his looks. ^_^


    As expected from the Fargo series, there are the usual deaths and two that I hope (it's just a show :P) that'll be plugged are Vargas fixers. If being a psychopath wasn't enough for Vargas he also hired two extremely, heartless human beings for his protection, it's honestly an amazing trio put together.

    The previous seasons of Fargo don't even come close to what they've been offering in this one, in terms of a perfect sinister organisation, IMO.

    Btw, the new season of Prison Break is also going strong imo, if I had to rate it then I'd say it's the second best after the first. Prison Break's Season 1 for me was the absolute best while Seasons 2-4 just made it about the watchable scale.