Far Cry Vengeance Wii trailer

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    After some disappointing screenshots, this new Far Cry Vengeance trailer gives a fresh new look at what seems to be a great upcoming (December) Wii title. Also, I’m sure many of you will be glad to see the first scene in this trailer, where your character sneaks up behind an enemy and slits his throat (complete with a giant blood splatter), then followed by a sniper sniper shot into someones heart (also, with a blood splat). So, rest assured Wii users, the big N is not afraid to show some blood and guts…just wait for Resident Evil 5.
  2. Arm73

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    Mar 4, 2006
    Looking awsome !
    This is the kind of killer app for the Wiimote that will make any other system look very limited and unadequate with a standard controller!
    Whocares for a few more plygones when you can have som much fun with a game ?
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    Apr 7, 2006
    Oh no! And here I was, thinking I'd buy this console to my children (which I do not have [​IMG]) because of its otherwise so childish nature. Just today I heard Buena Vista will concentrate on producing innovative Disney games for the Wii and DS exclusively.

    Too bad, I guess I'll have to keep the console to myself then... [​IMG]