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    Nov 21, 2005
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    Fantastic_Pets_NFOFiX_XBOX360-CHARGED and original release in Fantastic_Pets_XBOX360-CHARGED
    Should be region free. Kinect support.

    The NFO fix appears to have just been the short form name being corrected.
    Description borrowed from amazon

    Custom create, collect and interact with unlimited varieties of your very own dream pets! Using advanced augmented reality technology - watch as pets react to your real-world gestures and voice commands right on the TV screen in lush 3D virtual reality. Play with your pets in free-form play as well as classic activities such as fetch, bubble popping, teaching tricks, dressage and dodge.

    Create Your Dream Pet:
    Customise your dream pet with everything from skins, colours, patterns, wings, horns, tails and more!
    Create an unlimited number of pets
    Virtual and Real Worlds Meet:
    Augmented reality enables you to be on screen to interact and play with your pet!r> Hands-on interaction with your pets
    Simultaneous On-Screen Multiplayer:
    It's a pet party - be on screen with multiple pets alongside your sister, brother, friend, mum, dad, or grandparents! Simple to play - if you have a pet or want a pet, you'll get this game right away!
    Voice Commands:
    Talk to your pet and teach then tricksr> AmAmazing pet AI, unique personalities, lifelike reactions and behaviours
    12 Mini-Games:
    Classics include fetch, pet wash, piatas, bubble dodge, dressage, teaching tricks, grooming, and more> Develop nurturing and playful relationships with your pets
    Fully Interactive:
    Real-world environments, avatars, tutorials, unlockables, trophies, awards and daily events all wrapped inside a lush 3D world
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