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    While a few really high-profile translation projects get notices on the front page when they're released (Mother 3, say), for the most part there's a lot of translations in the romhacking section that are ignored. Heck, someone who doesn't visit the forum might never know that there are translations available for Soma Bring or Culdcept DS, say.

    Of course, many of those translations are updated incrementally, since they're based around a Wiki. But it would still be nice to have a news item every so often listing major translations in progress, newly-started translation projects (especially for wiki-based ones, where attracting more attention can help them move faster!), and so on.
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    Why not go ahead and post them yourself in User Submitted News? We'll then take a look at the post and decide whether or not to move it to the portal [​IMG]
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    I was planning to do a round up at some point and maybe a semi regular "temper post" but for rom hacks (or indeed a section within a "temper post").
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    This does seem like a good idea to let the masses know of the translations done which otherwise go unnoticed.