Fan spins fast and laptop gets hot when using cpu intensive applications... is it bad?

Discussion in 'Computer Hardware, Devices and Accessories' started by 3bbb7, Dec 28, 2012.

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    Well i read that its not bad at all that the fans are spinning faster, but I was just wondering because all the laptops ive used get hot and you can really hear the fans spinning fast when using CPU intensive applications

    Is this bad for the laptop or is it fine for the fans to be spinning fast/laptop getting hot?
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    "When I run for a minute my skin gets wet and I breathe hard" - Yeah, it's normal. To be more tech-y and less annoying... modern processors do "stepping", they'll keep themselves downclocked as long as their full power isn't needed. For example you may have a CPU clocked at a full 2GHz, but it might actually run at like 320mhz or something normally, in order to use less power and make less heat. When your computer's load rises, the CPU (pretty much instantly) jumps up, maybe to 1GHz, maybe to the full speed if it's needed.

    It's rarely noticed with desktops, but laptops have little in the way of cooling, are right up against you, and need to conserve battery life, which is why the effect is most apparent with them.

    To be particular, heat does kill electronics, so you might want to user a cooling pad... but unless the heat is worrying, it should work fine.
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