Family Sharing Workaround (very limited)

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    This is a very limited workaround I found that allows the same game purchased on one Nintendo account to be run on two Switch consoles you own at the same time. Please be aware that this will only apply to one game and will stop working as soon as you close out of that game. This will not allow you to share your entire digital library. This requires you to legally purchase the game, and does not allow piracy.

    As an example, let's say you want to play Mario Kart on two consoles (this should work with any other title):
    1. On Console #1 purchase/download Mario Kart from the eShop
    2. When the game download is complete, deregister Console #1 from your Nintendo Account via the eShop
    3. On Console #2, create a secondary user account and then sign in to your Nintendo Account via the eShop to register it
    4. On Console #2, redownload Mario Kart from the purchases list
    5. When the game download is complete, launch the game using the primary user account (i.e. Not the user account used to redownload this game)
    6. When the game successfully launches on Console #2, press the Home Button to suspend it but do not press X or launch any other game that will cause Mario Kart to quit
    7. On Console #2, open the eShop and deregister your console from the Nintendo Account
    8. On Console #2, return to the Home Menu and open Mario Kart, it should still be running despite the fact that the Nintendo Account used to purchase it is no longer signed in
    9. On Console #1, relaunch the eShop to automatically reregister the console to your Nintendo Account
    10. On Console #1, launch Mario Kart

    You should now have Mario Kart purchased from the same Nintendo Account running on two consoles at the same time. As soon as you quit out of it on Console #2, it will stop working.
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