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    <img src="http://image.com.com/gamespot/images//2003/all/boxshots2/959557_123798.jpg" border="0" class="linked-image" />


    <i>Welcome to Vegas. New Vegas.
    It’s the kind of town where you dig your own grave prior to being shot in the head and left for dead…and that’s before things really get ugly. It’s a town of dreamers and desperados being torn apart by warring factions vying for complete control of this desert oasis. It’s a place where the right kind of person with the right kind of weaponry can really make a name for themselves, and make more than an enemy or two along the way.

    As you battle your way across the heat-blasted Mojave Wasteland, the colossal Hoover Dam, and the neon drenched Vegas Strip, you’ll be introduced to a colorful cast of characters, power-hungry factions, special weapons, mutated creatures and much more. Choose sides in the upcoming war or declare “winner takes all” and crown yourself the King of New Vegas in this follow-up to the 2008 videogame of the year, Fallout 3.

    Enjoy your stay.</i>

    Warning: Spoilers inside!

    Warning: Spoilers inside!

    Region: RF
    FileName: mvl-fnvf
    FileCount: 71x100MB

    <img src="http://img101.imageshack.us/img101/2386/73991700.png" border="0" class="linked-image" />
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