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    i said thta on another forum aswell but here it goes....... damn selfish french people >_
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    Translation courtesy of me:
    Preamble :
    Europa is an RPG set in the fallout mythology, albeit in Europe.
    Combat uses PA (think movement/action points a la movement in advance wars) with movement taking 1 point, drawing/using objects more.

    The game is DLDI compatible, add the required file from the ZIP to your cart DLDI patching it to your cart if required, the Europasaves directory is funnily enough where the saves go.

    Version history :
    23/07/07 : First version released Build 220707
    Map not in final version
    Menus and play mechanics finished.
    Small bugs in animation of enemies.

    Gameplay instructions :
    During movement exploration period:
    D-PAD : Movement
    Hold B : Run
    A : Action button.
    L-R : Menu navigation

    During combat:
    D-PAD : Moves one space.
    A,B,X,Y : Turns to face the corresponding direction, does not use PA
    Start : Ends turn
    Select : uses? object (consumes PA)
    L-R : Draw (weapon?)

    Stats and what they do :

    You get 4 points to spend on stats when you start a new game:

    Endurance: HP stat
    Perception : Damage inflicted
    Agilité : Amount of PA in combat et adds an amour bonus
    Intelligence : Affects the weapons you can use.

    The will be some bugs in enemy animation but it should function as a demo.

    Edit: forgot the first section and added install from the readme.