Fallout 3 Tips (SPOILERS)

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    Well because i hear from alot of people asking questions about fallout 3, Im posting tips. Noone really asks things here, but in other forums, people do.

    Tip #1- Dogmeat
    Dogmeat is the canine companion you get in the game. Its possible to get through the whole game without finding him, but he is pretty useful sometimes. BTW, dont shoot every dog you see because sometimes he moves around and you might mistake him for a viscious dog. Back on topic. Dogmeat is mostly found in the Scrapyard. To get to the scrap yard, do to Megaton and start the wasteland survival guide quest and start the Part about going to minefeild. On your way there, you will come across a Scrapyard. In it you will most likely see 3 weak raiders attacking a dog. Help the dog kill the raiders or just let the dog kill them himself. Once the raiders are dead, start a dialougge with Dogmeat and ask him to tag along. If dogmeat isnt at the ScrapYard, Get the Animal freind perk so whenever you see a dog they wont attack you and you will not kill random dogs and not accidentally kill Dogmeat.

    Tip #2- Infinite Experience
    This one might be tricky, but its worth it. IF you already havent found it, find the town of Andale and wait till 1am and go to the smiths house and use the Mister Sandman Perk on Their son. The kid wont die so it lets you keep doing it, I made 50mexp each time. I Got to the Town in the afternoon and i snooped around a bit and found out that their canibals. DONT GO SNOOPING AROUND IF YOU ARE WEAK, OR DONT HAVE PRETTY HIGH SPEECH. You will end up dead. I have like 60 speech and i talked them out of killing me for dinner, and i nuked them when i got far enough away.

    Thats all Tips i know. Post some tips if you like.
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    You get more experience for kills on very high difficulty. Even if you prefer to play on a lower difficulty you can take advantage of this. When you encounter an enemy you know you will be able to kill with no problem (radroaches for instance), just raise the difficulty level, kill the enemy and rack up the experience, then turn the difficulty back down to a level you prefer. Obviously, this is of no value to people who already play on very high! If you have the ghoul mask, this trick works fairly well on feral ghouls.
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    Gee thanks i just started this game today (yeah i know its been out for some time but i just got my hands on it) it seems like a great game [​IMG]