Fallen Earth - How to get a free Coach Scoped Rifle

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    Dec 24, 2011
    Hey guyz,

    I just discovered that you get a 10 Day Free Premium Membership & Coach Camo Scoped Rifle!

    You just need to register a new account via GameCoach.tv : and you will get all goodies right after. All legal, so you don't need any llegal cracks, cheats of hacks for this!

    It is meant for new gamers who register a new Gamersfirst account (new email).
    As for as I know this is the only place where they have this promotion permanently, so spread the word, no complex hacks or cheating, legal stuff for ALL

    If you wanna see the items and the GameCoach TV review with nice Fallen Earth footage and presented by this chic (who never touched a game) here:


    Check GameCoach.tv for general site to link to more free stuff aswell

    Njoy it! Fallen Earth is quite the game!