Fake DSTT's: The New Threat and a Call to Arms

Discussion in 'DSTT' started by fearofshorts, Sep 16, 2009.

  1. fearofshorts

    fearofshorts GBAtemp Fan

    Jul 12, 2009
    I purchased a DSTT a while ago, it being cheaper at the shady-computer market I was in than the generic R4-clone I was naively eying, and have since had no regrets for choosing it. Even now I still see the DSTT as a nice flashcart - one which has enough features, a great price, an excellent homebrew firmware that other carts copy and a community willing to keep it updated - and an excellent choice for the price-conscious members of the scene.

    However, having taken it home and researched the use of it, I discovered that mine was a fake.
    "Oh no!" I thought. "All that money wasted! I have ruined everything!"
    And the whole world seemed bleak...

    Then I found GBATemp. The helpful and courteous members of this fine community informed me that having a fake DSTT cart has no effect on it's operability. All I had to do was to install the special, user-hacked version of the firmware and the quasi-DSTT would work perfectly.
    And once more my frequent teenage mood-swings swept me from despair to joy. I began to work immediately and was soon happily (Top) toying with my new prize.

    And herein lies my folly: by purchasing a fake flashcart, I had supported a plauguerising company. These companies exist for one cause (as all companies do): to earn money. They want to take away your hard-earned green paper (or plastic in my home country) and fill their bathtubs with it. They steal the ideas, designs and brand-names of others for this very purpose.

    But, life goes on.
    Who cares if a few guys steal the wealth of those who work hard to provide us with entertainment? They don't deserve the credit, the money or their jobs. It doesn't affect us in the slightest, does it?
    Wrong. Even if you do not have any tears to shed for those having their work stolen, at least think selfishly enough to see what their pain means for you: Less money for them means less incentive to improve, to continue. People often ask on these forums where the DSTT team are, why they aren't releasing updates anymore or why they don't produce a new cartridge.
    Would you?
    If you were (figuratively) bleeding finances on a project, would you bother spending more time on it?

    But think for a minute about the companies making those fake cards. What are they doing about all this? They are making money! What do they care that they are slowly killing the companies, slowing killing communities. And then, sooner or later, one of the bigwigs sitting in an office see the bills for the materials used in making the fake flashcarts.
    "What?!" He cries. "6 cents for the metal-plate-bits per game-square?! Forget about it!"
    Thus people like me end up with cheaply made, inferior products, and lose all their saved data. And have their brand-new 4 GigaByte MicroSD that their father's gave them destroyed. And lose the only copy of those photos of Aunty Ira's holiday to Hawaii.

    Buying fake (or cloned) flashcarts hurts you, the consumer. The DSTT is now dead. The EZ-Flash V? Dead. The classic carts, the ol' faithful M3's and R4's and Ewin's- They are all dead. Even the unnofficial firmware for the AceCard (AKAIO) is now dead thanks to the uncaring, rude community members on other forums who flocked around it like vultures.

    Please GBATemp. Care about your purchases. Chose to buy from reliable stores and websites. Help save the communities, the companies and all those who are hurt daily by these thieves.
    Because without help one day there will be no more of the flashcart companies and the DS-scene will just be a memory.
  2. Leonidas

    Leonidas GBAtemp Fan

    Aug 27, 2009
    I understand your fury after losing saved data and photos, but the cart scene ~ except R4 ~ hasn't really been badly hurt by clones recently. The R4 scene has got the most clones, followed by DSTT and a certain number of fake Acekards 2. The ezflash, m3 and acekard akaio teams are still alive, so I'm not sure what you are talking about.
  3. DeltaBladeX

    DeltaBladeX GBAtemp Fan

    Jul 20, 2009
    New Zealand
    You talk about how clone card makers are bad and to support the people who make the original flash cards despite the fact most people only get these things to rip off the companies that make the games everyone plays on these things. I hardly think people will care.
  4. benjaminlibl

    benjaminlibl Funky Member

    Jul 15, 2009
    I'm not too sure what you were saying. The fake DSTT killed your SDHC? Maybe you had a bad one from the start.


    Even if people wanted to support the official product, they might be unable to with all the fakes running around rampant.
  5. Kikkerdril

    Kikkerdril Member

    Jun 3, 2009
    I had quite some laughs reading this story [​IMG]

    About R4: I think most clones started to come out after the R4 team stopped producing them (for others reasons then there being clones).
  6. fearofshorts

    fearofshorts GBAtemp Fan

    Jul 12, 2009
    Thanks for your opinions (especially yours, Kikkerdrill - compliments make me happy). I understand that many people will not care. I just hope that some people will see the danger in the economy of the flashcart market: the basic concepts of supply and demand mean that when a product make less money the company that makes it is less likely to continue producing or to support it. Look at the M3i and the AceKard 2.1- they both have poor build quality when compared to the flashcarts of old (such as the legendary, brick-like original EZ Flash V). Why? Because the companies are not making as much money as they need to justify the use of higher-quality materials.

    I know it is hard to obtain original carts, but it is worth it. To support your favorite brands you need to search hard. Maybe try one of GBATemp's recommended online stores.

    And yes, in answer to benjaminlibl, the fake cart was able to somehow screw up my SDHC card. It happened about the same time as one of the semi-working contacts on the DSTT became unstuck and somehow bent the pin in the DS lite's cartridge slot. Well actually, it may have been closer to the time the wires inside the machine shorted and blew the DS's N1 fuse, leaving me with a broken DS until I get the tri-wing screwdriver I need to repair it shipped from overseas (along with a new cartridge-slot). The wires were probably corroded or worn out by the unusual level of heat the cart was producing while it was still working.
    There. Now do you see why I dislike fake carts? I know it was probably just (extremely) bad luck, but really there is no excuse for producing such a dangerous product.

    EDIT: Small Typo
  7. aneotoena

    aneotoena Advanced Member

    Aug 27, 2009
    United States
    I kind of like fake cards, this situation is like a paradox:

    You see most people use cards to run pirate games, and in the end they become victims of piracy too. It's just priceless.

    For the ppl that use cards just to run homebrew, just for them I feel sorry.
  8. wolffangalchemist

    wolffangalchemist This is bat country!

    Nov 23, 2008
    United States
    middleofnowhere, AL
    now a days most clones come with decent support at least r4 wise, heck even some of them got the 1.4 update fixing patches.
    but a dstt clone is a bit more risky since the official firmware can and will kill them and they tend to not release updates unless the real dstt team does.
    and from what i hear cloned dstti's can't be updated to work on 1.4 dsi's
  9. corsairsa

    corsairsa Member

    Sep 13, 2009
    United States
    Bay Area, California
    Regardless of how you look at it, Pirates will more or less always get pirated...it kinda brings me back to when the saying of "No honor among thieves" was prevalent. It's a fact of life, you get screwed, live with it. Either way, if a card is good enough, it will have some sort of following (eg: R4 is still widely supported, albeit not by the original developers)
  10. princerouge

    princerouge Member

    Oct 21, 2009
    I use to sold some original Supercard dsone cards and most of them died because of some bad soldering on the vram chip.

    Then i brought a bunch of fake dstt to sell to the flea market and i can say that actually, it has a nice and clean pcb/impl and work great for the price i got them and the price i am selling them but i warn the buyers to download his firmware on filetrip instead and some kid are happy to pay 15-20$ instead of 40$ for a card.

    But i am avoiding the r4 clone because i heard it could break the DS the same way the N5 does.
  11. Sao Mortel

    Sao Mortel GBAtemp Advanced Fan

    Jul 23, 2008
    DSTTs team are responsible for their own fate. If they would put official retaillers on thier website or sell them themsefl I am sure a lot of people would be ready to whip out extra money to get "the real one " but they don't.
    But first its a cultural issue and theres nothing we can do about it. In China, copyrights just does not exist. If it can be copied, it WILL be copied. Manufacturers just have to be smarter than the other ones to profit more.

    In the end I think DSTTs are great products ( clones included) and thanks for for whoever designed it (and got probably layed off the month after [​IMG] )
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