Facts 2015 - Gent - Belgium

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    I know this post is more for those from the BeNeLux, but i met ppl from Spain, United Kingdom, France, Germany and i bet i missed a few other countries. I love conventions and i go to them with my 3 kids and wife, i go across the border for them if it fits my shedule (The Netherlands, Germany, France)

    FACTS is a yearly convention (started in 1993) for Gamers/Anime, Movie, TV (SF, Fantasy) Fans and Manga, Comics and Strip Fans (etc...) and 1 of the bigger conventions in the BeNeLux for Cosplayers and fans. (Dutch Comic Con (Utrecht) and Made in Asia (Brussels) are the biggest)
    FACTS = Fantasy, Animation, Comics, Toys and Space)

    So the weekend is almost over but so is FACTS 2015
    My FB is friends only, but for those who want some pictures you can look at following twitter / FB accounts
    https://www.facebook.com/CosplayCloud?fref=ts / https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.801819953262575&type=3&l=bf2fcf77e7
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