ezflash v the ebst for gba and nds?

Discussion in 'EZ-Flash' started by bradtn, Mar 23, 2007.

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    Apr 12, 2006
    is the ez flash v bundle the best for full compatibility with gba and nds games I am looking for some other opinions or views before i commit to purchase and if you know and combo deals with a 1gb card that are good feel free [​IMG] thanks for your time guys
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    Dec 3, 2006
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    I had an ez4 which ran DS games good, GBA fine and Homebrew pretty well too. Upgraded to the Slot 1 EZ5 and Combo. I haven't had problems with DS games, except New super Mario...tho I haven't investigated why....Homebrew compadability is better then EZ4 was, the new DLDI does alot to help homebrew. DSdoom is the only thing I can think of not working for me right now...Download play is good so far, so is WIFI games. I haven't tried EVERYTHING but I'm satisfied.

    If you are going to do ALOT of GBA gaming then you might find the EZ5 alittle weird. You need the slot 2 combo with the EZ5 to play gba. The slot 2 combo is a rumble/DS browser RAM/GBA linker device offered by EZ flash. And then you can only transfer one rom to the slot 2 at a time. Basically you can have all the roms on your slot 1, but you need to transfer them to the slot 2 (through the menu...) before you can play them. You also need to take care to back up your GBA saves from the Combo to the EZ5, and reload them when you need them too. This may sound like alot...I don't mind it much myself, small price to pay for good gaming.

    Everyone says go for R4...but I like my EZ5 +combo. it was only 40ish from winsunx. shipping alittle high tho, so i grouped with friends.

    The only thing i know about the R4 is....my friend got one and in 3 days span the thing managed to break its spring loaded slot for the microSD chip. this means that the chip is permanently being pushed out of the slot. He has to tape it down and even then it comes lose...this wont ever happen with the EZ5 =P No spring loaded slot. So anyway....choose wisely there is alot to consider.