EZFlash Omega GBA flash cart Kernel 1.04 and Firmware 6.0 released

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    EZFlash dropped by to share the news of the new version of their EZFlash Omega kernel. Main changes are to fire emblem to prevent its autosave from over using the cart's save and a new savestate engine that works from configurable in game hotkeys and should be a bit more compatible than the earlier versions.

    EZFlash Download Section.

    GBAtemp Download mirror

    GBAtemp discussion thread

    They say the source will be pushed to their github account in the coming days. Speaking of the source you might have missed the things done since its release. Very shortly thereafter we saw a Spanish language translation, later we saw the kernel equipped with pogoshell plugin support (for those new to the GBA or maybe just a bit hazy pogoshell was kind of the moonshell or sunshell of its day for the GBA, however it was limited to certain carts and it got some very nice plugins that were not always ported to standalone homebrew), and going further we also saw the start of some SD card access for homebrew (something we have not really seen before for the GBA).
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