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    EZ-Flash, a flash cart team that first cut their teeth on the GBA and have been with us ever since, have listed the EZ-Flash Junior (aka EZ-Flash Jr.) on their website. It appears to be a flash cart for the Gameboy and Gameboy Color and is set to work with any handheld that officially* touted a GB/GBC slot, including those things with some of the third party screen mods (the extra power draw some have cause issues with some flash carts, including a few of their own). No mention of what might go for the original hybrid console that is otherwise known as the Super Game Boy.
    We don't have a price, though they claim it will be cheap (for reference then current gameboy everdrives are about £120 or $140 USD), and a quick scan of flash cart vendors in and out of China don't have any placeholders, much less full listings. No pictures either. The news article says it will be in shops before Christmas, which is a little under 2 weeks at this point in time so we will have to keep you updated.

    Edit. Update compilation from the last few days as the above was getting messy
    One site has it up for "preorder with locked in price" at $55 USD.
    A couple of pictures of the box and cart itself now on the product page, two attached here, but they don't show much other than a frosted case.
    The discussion thread has a few shots of what looks like the beta software for the curious.
    There are also now some lower res PCB shots on the same thread, appears to be using a xilinx spartan FPGA as the main brains of the operation.

    *many unofficial/"clone" devices and unofficial adapters for pretty much every device (not just gameboy) will act somewhat as an emulator with a cart dumper attached with any host consoles in the case of the adapters acting as a power source and controller input. This works fine for most official carts but when you try it with the average flash cart it will instead give you a version of their menu and not much else. Some will actually mimic the device they claim to support but they tend to be the rarer and more expensive varieties. This may change in the coming years with the likes of the analogue pocket but that is a discussion for a different day.


    MBC is short for memory bank controller. Somewhat similar to the NES mappers and SNES special chips in that they are chips onboard the carts in question and provide extra memory, interfacing and functionality over the basic hardware.
    For more technical explanations of what each do then pandocs notes on the MBCs and wiki article on the same. There is no such thing as MBC4 so no worries about lacking support there, though the HuC1 is not mentioned (it is a slight tweak on MBC1) so that might trouble those.
    Maximum game is presumably max ROM size. 64 Mbit (or 8 megabytes to those not familiar with the bits measurement) being the max individual ROM. Most GBC games were 32Mbit (4 megabytes) or less with Densha De Go! 2 being the main commercial example of 64Mbit. Original gameboy games are generally more usefully measured in kilobytes. At time of writing we are not sure what homebrew and ROM hacks might have taken to using the extra space but such things tend to be of the "have space, will fill it" persuasion so more support is welcome.

    Either way this appears to be a ROM running focused cart which is previously only something the Everdrive family really have any claim to (edit: I have been told subsequent revisions and updates to the el cheapo brand of carts have made them somewhat competitive too), most other carts being far more limited in this regard and instead looking towards homebrew.

    GBAtemp will of course make efforts to get one in to see how it performs. product page
    EZFlash's announcement

    GBAtemp discussion

    In other news we got our order of the special edition orange case for the EZFlash Omega come in and took a bunch of pictures.

    Thanks to izder456 for sharing this one.
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