EZFlash 3in1 .. I need a guide..

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    EZFlash.. Yeeah right! R4DS was easier for me! DAMN THIS! ... Like the 4th problem already!

    GUYS.. I NEED A GUIDE! How to make GBA Games work on NOR Without losing my saves , As I heard can happen.
    How to make Opera Browser work


    Thanks in advance!
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    1. Use GBATA to SRAM patch any games that don't already use an SRAM save type.

    2. Create a folder named GBA in the root of your microSD card. Create another folder named SAVE inside the GBA folder (i.e. x:\GBA and x:\GBA\SAVE).

    3. Put your GBA roms in the GBA folder, and put the 3in1 Expansion Pack Tool somewhere on your microSD card (wherever you want to put it).

    4. Launch the 3in1 Expansion Pack Tool, and start a GBA game. Both PSRAM and NOR modes should work, their saves should not interfere with each other, and you should not need to manually back up the saves when switching games.

    *Important note* Any GBA rom that has been touched by the EZ4 Client should never be run from PSRAM with the 3in1 Expansion Pack Tool. Doing so will cause the current save for NOR mode and the new save for PSRAM mode to be lost.


    You can either use the 3in1 Expansion Pack Tool to set the 3-in-1 to expansion pack mode, or patch the browser rom to do it automatically. You only need to use one of these methods.

    Patch method:
    1. Get the browser patch here: http://ezflash.sosuke.com/viewtopic.php?t=4262

    2. Apply it to the clean, untrimmed European release of the Nintendo browser (instructions are in the .nfo file).

    3. Run the browser.

    3in1 Expansion Pack Tool method:
    1. Launch the 3in1 Expansion Pack Tool, press R until you are in Rumble mode, and enable the Expansion RAM.

    2. Run the browser.