EZflash 3in1 and GBA Exploader questions.

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    Ok, so I've read the readme, and I still don't get a lot of stuff. Up till now, I've been running games in PSRAM mode, but for the situation I'm in right now, NOR mode is actually worth using. Apparently, running in NOR mode without backing up saves can result in lost save data when the battery dies (from what I understand). So I want to avoid that, but I'm confused about some stuff. I also want to be able to switch between NOR and PSRAM mode when I want to, without losing any saves.

    So let's say I play a game in NOR for a while. If I want to continue playing in PSRAM, what do I do? When you save in NOR, is the save stored in SRAM? So would I have to then specifically tell it to write SRAM to SAV file using the menu, and then I could play in PSRAM mode with the save from NOR mode? Does this writing SRAM to SAV file also guarantee that the save is now backed up on my microsd card?