EzFlash 3in1 and Gameshark?

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    Talking with my friend, this made me think and caught my curiosity...

    So lets say, using GbaExploader on my iTouchDS, I transfer a GBA Pokemon game (Lets say Emerald, for this case), to the NOR memory. Now, say I wanted to use a GameShark for GBA on it. Would I be able to plug the 3in1 (keep in mind it is a slim DSLite one) into the GameShark and have it work? Would I need to patch something to make that work? Or, is there some patch that I guess patches a GameShark directly to the ROM?

    Not really a crucial question, but if anyone could shed some light on this, that would be awesome =)


    EDIT - Well I suppose this is all hypothetical now seeing as I can't get my GBA GameShark to work in the DS nor the GBA SP.

    EDIT 2 - So I give up on the physical gameshark idea. it doesnt launch roms from NOR like if it were a legit cart on the gba sp, and the ds doesnt detext the gameshark at all. So the other question still stands, is there some kind of gameshark (or even an actionreplay) patch that integrates it directly into the rom? That would be beast
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    You can use a gameshark on a game in NOR on the 3in1. Didn't I tell you that like 2 or 3 months ago?



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    all hail how do i do that the gba guru!

    thats awesome!!!!!

    real question is is there no way to use cheats from the 3in1 alone... i guess i will have look into how to patch a gba rom with cheats. so does the 3in1 play roms with patches in nor?

    i posted a question somewhere about datel armax (action replay) nds cheat codes card.
    can u use the ar max card to select codes and use a backup card such as supercard etc... to then launch nds slot 1 backup
    and the game in clean or patched mode use ar cheats since every cheat database is different some codes lists are better than others...

    just wondered if its even possible...