EZFA - Recovering decade old save - long shot I know.

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    I have in EZF Advance from many years ago. I wanted to play a game I haven't played for almost 10 years, started it up, but it seems that the game, and it's .sav, were deleted at some point when I was younger. I have used recovery software to obtain deleted files before, and i figure it might be possible to recover the old save. However, as the flashcart does not appear as a removable device in explorer, I can't find a way to directly scan its memory. I can only open it in the EZFA client which has very little options to do anything besides add or remove roms. Anyone help?
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    You are out of luck -- most GBA flash carts of that age were NOR-SRAM with a battery for the SRAM which also held the saves. Chances are your now however many year old battery died and the SRAM lost the data it held by virtue of being without power. If it was a hacked ROM image or something I might have been able to help out but saves tended to last only as long as the battery did.

    I am not sure about the EZFA myself but a handful of those carts did have options to write that data to the NOR (the EZFlash line, a different company to those that made the EZFA, had a feature called SMS for instance) but you would probably have known if you were using that.

    I do have to mention though that you have a quite valuable device on your hands (GBA flash carts are quite rare and so quite desirable) so do give some thought to soldering a new battery in and getting it working again.
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    I have that cart. Doesn't have the option to write to NOR. Battery runs out and your saves go with it. Battery is also for the RTC on this cart as well.

    Battery is rechargeable, so might not have died, but just ran out. Mine is around the same age and the battery is still fine (still charges and holds the charge), even though it has also been sitting around for a long time.
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