EZFA: Pokemon Fire Red and Leaf Green

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    Okay, I'm having a very weird problem right now and I've spend all of yesterday skimming google and various sites.
    I have an EZFA flash cart, and I want to copy Pokemon Fire Red to it. However, when I boot FR, I get the "1M Sub-Circuit" not installed error, but I do not get this with Leaf Green. As far as I know, LG is not patched. I got both games from the same ZIP file. I own both games, and I've tried to rip the game, but I still get the save error. I've patched and not patched the game, yet I stilkl get an error. (One time I patched it and it lacked the 1M Flash error, but still wouldn't save.

    It used to work, way back before I bought Fire Red, but I can't get it to work now. The reason Fire Red is so important, and why I want a copy of it while owning the game, is because I want to play the hack, Pokemon Shiny Gold, on my GBASP and the patch is for FR and not LG.

    Note that both games save fine in VBA is set to 128k Save type. My problem with google was all the sites I found told how to save in VBA, but I have a flash cart problem. [​IMG]

    Also, URL to Shiny Gold if anyone wants to see: