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    FAST6191 brought this to my attention, I haven't tried it yet but am about to, the transfer rate is EXTREMELY slow, I am getting 2.00 KB/sec. After I receive the files I will host them somewhere else for yall, so look for that edit. Here is the source.

    Translated by Google: ndsbbs


    Click to Download (slow) 2.00 KB/sec

    MoonShell v1.51
    Click to Download (slow) 2.99 KB/sec


    (Bad translations sorry...)

    Has been set up for the part, and we get the complete version of the official version of replicating cards MoonShell V1.51 released version December 16.

    Source: ndsbbs

    Has been set up for the part, and we get the complete version of the official version of replicating cards MoonShell V1.51 released version December 16

    This update of points

    1. Ffmpeg quantizer way to increase the OCR option

    Ffmpeg_quantizer installed option with the new mpeg1_encoder dgp.ini

    Mpeg1_encoder : you choose to use the mpeg1 video encoder. You can choose to ffmpeg (mpeg1_encoder=ffmpeg) or mencoder (mpeg1_encoder=mencoder)

    Ffmpeg in turn affect the way home only ffmpeg_quantizer a parameter set up (this provision effective only ffmpeg). Basically ffmpeg_quantizer=4 have very good results. But in the larger picture of the allocation of part of the dramatic flow to maintain the same level of quality. In that time there may be more vulnerable to the simultaneous CD temporary. ffmpeg_quantizer was detected in the film the scenes with bright colors than ffmpeg_quantizer=4 almost no difference But if the tone of the film is slightly fainter - definition crude parade.

    2. Mencoder increase in the super quality, video_quality into video_quality=max_extra can be erected. - definition files will be relatively small and has been upgraded, but will increase very time varies times (depending on your computer configuration. With six seconds left PC Chao-ching ... Yuannian%), please use discretion.

    3. NDS increased 32,768 samplerate high timbre, You can use NDS high timbre audio_samplerate=32768 open manner.

    This updated reference moonshell dpgtool 1.21 transpose max_extra quality parameters of the new way (this picture quickly as possible under way in a short time Huaping).

    As the writers read card processing speed vary, it will easily lead to a temporary short-term CD synchronous or asynchronous clear. So please replication card users, letting the flow and quality of amending the relevant parameters. mix changes and the latest broadcast moonshell 1.5 configuration parameters.

    December 16

    Excerpts not much software design methods, the revised concept, The main idea is based on the degree of operational improvements humanity.

    1. OCR window progress of accession, transparency of information to facilitate understanding of the relevant information digitized.

    2. Excerpts modify tool dpg.ini documents necessary to complete the frame count folder under revision remove duplication of work tedious.

    After say that Ezbuilder so far I always plan to streamline operations and user-friendly pitch for the quality of the basic norms Beta4 version of this without major improvements there will be no more mistakes. The relevant parameters are set already open to the public. More new things on your own to explore the left. But I am surprised. Would you want to apply to its own brand models replicating user cards optimal parameters feedback to me, I have cards for all writers to write the final proofreading Profile.

    ... That should be a bar ... this is the final version of Xianxie than you.

    MaricS-1124@hotmail.com linked mail :

    December 12

    MP2 new ways of using new coding, voice encoder part could be improved. Encoder for different but with MP2. voice quality has been upgraded to 32,768 (32,000 still allow provisional release version) high quality.

    Overall results are fairly obvious, which should have been resolved some sonic boom, you can try to see.

    DPG2 brief profile and DPG2 Ezbuilder

    Be very simple here, used to describe one DPG2 DPG0 intrinsic differences.

    Directory remember before there is a reference to depleted by +m1v header+mp2 audio synthesis from the video.

    DPG0 a 36byte the header, in the early days DPG0 use GSM audio format. But the present has not been MoonShell support, is now used by all mp2 format.

    DPG1 a 40byte the header. This function is expanded pixelformat, NDS can show a limited number of colors. thus reducing the default configuration 24BIT color, and arranged for the distribution of color modification individuals may take to improve the decoding speed to speculate.

    DPG2 a 48byte the header. DPG1 differences with the GOP is more access to the index distribution, Before switching to the camera is a picture of a picture of the need to repeat the information to get you to read the screen reading position Now the GOP can significantly reduce the index reading process. DPG2 DPG2 were two more than the header information, GOP files Address List is a starting position (offset). GOP List Data is a total 8Byte total size.

    MoonShell decoder can be improved significantly in the latest version. BatchDPG and also found the setup parameters may be a problem. possible. Reading and will affect the video decoder I/O efficiency (because BatchDPG m1v output of the raw data is not very clean formal) avi seems to mpeg1 encapsulated in the containers, of course, it is my understanding, not necessarily correct. But some configuration changes can be tested indeed a big increase decoding efficiency.

    Ezbuilder the proofreading function is to DPG2 DPG2 basis mencoder before amending the wrong setup, and the slight reduction in the bitrate video. In order to allow for smooth flow within the scope of the quality improvement, which was the culmination of the final results of the overall effectiveness of sexual considerations.

    Of course, if you are interested, they can set up to consider the best (fps changes have also amended the two places. In a bit of caution).

    At present, the basic set up to 24fps max:1536 avg:1024. Perhaps still need to go through more testing and revision, but the current test results, reflect quite good. Of course, still testing, the card and memory card writers may apply different parameters, You may wish to amend its own parameters in order to best allocation.

    You must use the Beta2 MoonShell1.5 broadcast version of the software resources

    PS. DPG2 ezbuilder can only change the current use RGB24. Please do not modify this configuration.

    November 24 :

    AVC MP4 settlement EzBuilder paper document conversion products in PSP 3.0 System unable to broadcast, please download the 3.0 update users

    EzBuilder PMPAVC for integration with the PSP, AVC MP4, using MP4 IPOD. Playan use MP4, NDS used depleted conversion software

    EzBuilder Final featured test version of SP temporary, adding new high-quality intrinsic proofreading function, will be updated after testing correction


    The author erspicu_brox


    The software from EZ Series software (Ez2Psp, Ez2Playan) integrated improvement from the expansion.

    Ezbuilder name only referred to a series of programs Builder

    This document is a batch operations stalls and avs generator. avs and batch processes and the use of other related software tools to reach the goal varies.

    In addition to Builder series, the name of the other creative tools were all in their respective authors.

    Software features

    This is a very simple software. to be used for the initial transfer files into PSP broadcast of the official and unofficial PMP AVC AVC MP4 files. MP4 files-broadcast use. IPOD with MP4 files. NDS used depleted files Direct transfer is the best tool.

    Single-step batch OCR, is the setting.

    Automatically reflected in the relevant subtitles, and that font format to meet required to achieve resolution.

    Automatic calculation of the proportion of the original movies stalls reserved the right to make or maintain a proper level of around black border resolution.

    Minimalist design concept.

    Software Requirements

    Please note that you must use before the confirmation, You already have computers and related video format decoder software named AviSynth.

    Decoders available, I have no confidence in recommending confirmation This klmcodec friends. the current version is 157 integrated almost all types of code. Please choose the time of installation requirements.

    More info at..ndsbbs
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