EZ5i kernel v108 firmware (3ds fix) and new unbricker

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    The EZTeam have released a firmware update for the EZ5i line of flash carts and updated the unbricking tool to support this new firmware. The only change is support for 3ds firmware . As with v106 and v106a before it kernel 3.0 OB7 is the minimum required kernel and you will need to be at v101 to run this upgrade. *update*v108a is available that fixes a bug with updating from non v107 firmwares.*update*

    Release note

    [​IMG] EZFlash US forums thread (firmware)
    [​IMG] EZFlash US forums thread (unbricker)
    [​IMG] EZFlash US forums thread (general firmware related thread)
    [​IMG] EZFlash.cn thread (Chinese language)

    [​IMG] EZFlash.cn download section
    [​IMG] Filetrip firmware v108 download
    [​IMG] Unbricker v2.00 download

    Thanks to Mbmax for the heads up.
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    I updated on a DSLite from 106 to 108. Worked fine in my 3DS afterwards. If people are updating using anything but a DSLite or earlier, you run risks. Apparently updating on a DSi potentially bricks the card, but the unbricker allows for the update to finish. Just read about it in the official topic on the EZFlash forums.
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    Thanks FAST6191. ;)

    I'm not sure the fact you brick an ez5i is tied to the console type.
    BTW, you are right, the unbricker 2.0 is here to rebirth any bad flash. I'm glad we have this option now.
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    I went from hw 805 fw 101 to hw 805 fw 108 with this update, on a DSi and it bricked my card. It would seem it is actually more safe to update using the unbricker then to use the update to do so. Anyways, i lucked out, having a DS phat + ezflash V to repair my bricked ez5i, although you need to use homebrew menu on ezflash v to run the unbricker. (simply launch BOOT.NDS of homebrew menu, then launch the unbricker, and dont do like me , spend 20 minutes trying to get the ezflash V boot directly to homebrew menu while you just need to launch it via the ezflash V game launcher)

    Overall: beware of possible bricks.
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    Ok. Thanks for your feedback. I updated from v106 to v108 and v107 to v108 without problem.
    From v101, v104, and v105 i have report of white screens problems.

    I asked the team to investigate that and they found out the bug. v108a will happen very soon.
    And yes the unbricker 2.0 is able to fix complety any white screen issue.

    About the homebrew menu, it's said here : http://ezflash.sosuke.com/viewtopic.php?p=74383#p74383
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    Nov 7, 2006
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    Thank you! I was wishing to go to the DSi Shop, but I did not want my card to be blocked/ruined.
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