EZ5i kernel 3.0 OB3 and EZ5 kernel 2.0 RC18

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    EZ5i kernel 3.0 OB3 and EZ5 kernel 2.0 RC18
    Game fixes mainly

    The EZTeam have released OB3 of the EZ5i 3.0 kernels and RC18 of the 2.0 kernels. For those that missed it the EZTeam split the kernels for the EZ5i (note it needs v101 firmware- see the initial 3.0 release for more on this) and the old EZ5 models (original, NYE and plus) to enable them to manage updates more easily.
    The changelogs given are somewhat incomplete at this point in time so this may well be edited as and when new news appears. It appears to mainly be gamefixes so if your chosen game does not work and you do not see it in the list below do give it a try anyway

    2.0 RC18
    3.0 OB3

    3.0 OB 3 related links
    [​IMG] EZflash US forums thread (3.0 OB3)
    [​IMG] EZFlash.cn thread (Chinese language)
    [​IMG] Filetrip download of 3.0 OB3

    2.0 RC18 related links
    [​IMG] EZflash US forums thread (2.0 RC18)
    [​IMG] EZFlash.cn thread (Chinese language)
    [​IMG] Filetrip download of 2.0 RC18

    While you are at it one of our members haddad posted a nice video review of the EZ5i

    [​IMG] Discuss

    Thanks to Mbmax for helping with the news.

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    awesome..thanks [​IMG]
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    Thanks for the news on GBAtemp FAST6191. [​IMG]
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    Why would you care?
    Awesome =D might not use my Ez Flash V Plus anymore because I got a supercard, but still I might use it sometime.
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    Any difference between this and the test version I installed a few days ago?
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    Super Scribblenauts still not fixed yet? [​IMG]
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    The Space Time Continum
    Finally....I have been waiting for this for ages.
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    ok,but the cheat of Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded don't work !
  9. MarcusRaven

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    I've lost compatibility with a few games with this update.

    Feel the Magic - XY-XX
    Puyo POP Fever
    Super Mario 64 DS

    Out of all I've got, these are the only three that won't load anymore. Just letting you know. (I'll post over on the EZFlash-Vi forum too.) I'm gonna dial back to OB2.0 until this is looked into.

    EDIT: I forgot to add Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions. So that's four games that don't work anymore (for me anyway) with this update. Anybody else having this problem?