EZ5 resetsp.bin update 28th September

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    EZ5 resetsp.bin update 28th September
    minor updates
    The resetsp.bin used by the EZ5 for soft reset, cheat support and game fixes has been updated. Simply replace the old one in the \moonshl\ folder found on the root of the memory card.


    This version updates to 2718 - Star Wars: The Force Unleashed (KS)
    Soft reset fixes for
    2697 - DropCast (US)
    2706 - Hell's Kitchen - (E)
    2711 - Gabu Gabu Planet (JP)
    2713 - Princess Maker 4 DS Special Edition (JP)
    (numbering may be slightly off)

    [​IMG] EZFlash US forum thread
    [​IMG] EZFlash.cn thread (Chinese language)
    [​IMG] GBAtemp mirror
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    Well this is probably most supported card from manufacter, ...atleast for now ... gr8 to have one [​IMG]