EZ5 open beta 14


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Nov 21, 2005
United Kingdom
EZ5 open beta 14
release candidate 1
It was mentioned elsewhere in the forums but the EZTeam have released EZ5 open beta 14 and being called a release candidate.


Kernel 1.72 open beta14 (release candidate)

multi-language support (partially translated)
fixed several internal bugs
add some ARDS format
resetsp.bin update to 2350
icon transparency added


1. moonshl folder in this version needs to be replaced completely
2. korean,japanese,traditional Chinese user must restart the console after change language.
3. resetsp.bin changed to new format, not compatible the older kernel.

visit the software download page to get ARDS editor

open beta 13
Support EZ-FLASH V Plus
Fixed some ARDS code translate
EZ5SDHC DLDI included

open beta 12
cheatdatabase named ezarcode.dat, located in the cht folder.

boot into ez5 main menu, change the cheat engine in to ards. ensure the cheat button is blue.

run the game and cheat window will popup. toggle the cheat on/off by click or "right", press A to continue
we disabled clicking the close button to quit cheat window for stability reasons.

don't forget active the cheat in game by L+R+START, deactive by L+R+SELECT.

open beta 11
add download play support.
resetsp.bin updated to 2310

open beta 10
Multi Language ( French, Spanish, German, Korean, Italian, Japanese, Russian and Polish all done, check release threads for improved translations ).
Copy and delete files loader side.

open beta 9
"fixed several bugs"

open beta 7
closed shortly after launch but animal crossing bug fixed.

open beta 6
fixed sav name issue
removed key press after launch

open beta 5
update: cheat works
fixed several internal errors
fixed 2251

the newest resetsp.bin included
open beta (original)

Save to microSD directly, the filesize of saver expanded to 512KB each. compatible with older saver. (still suggest to backup older saver before apply the update) this function is default, no manual operation needed.

0174 0176 0636 0664 0991 can't run properly yet.

a little number of games need to wait a while after launch it.

resetsp updated to 2203
fixed 2149 2153 2157 2165 2184 2194

EZflash forum thread and download
direct download (ezflash.cn)

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