EZ5 open beta 12 and open beta 13

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    Windirt (lead dev and .cn forum admin) dropped by the US forums to mention the release of open beta 12 of the EZ5 loader.
    Original thread:
    There seems to be a few problems but it is a beta after all:


    ehhh. the cheatcode editor is not ready to release yet. I've included a sample database with the kernel. it was converted from a xml, download at http://www.ezflash.cn/zip/cheats.rar. you can search the xml to find which game included in the database. I think all the games in the list are US version.

    cheatdatabase named ezarcode.dat, located in the cht folder.

    boot into ez5 main menu, change the cheat engine in to ards. ensure the cheat button is blue.

    run the game and cheat window will popup. toggle the cheat on/off by click or "right", press A to continue
    we disabled clicking the close button to quit cheat window for stable reason.

    don't forget active the cheat in game by L+R+START, deactive by L+R+SELECT.

    cheatcode editor will be released tomorrow... maybe.

    old topic: this is a function test version. backup your valuable data first. don't blame the bug which would happen, it's a beta.

    ---next post

    I know what happend, the problem is sample database, I'll release a new one tomorrow.

    If you still want to try

    the kernel also compatible with R4 user database. you can download a R4 cheat editor and generate your datebase. save as usrcheat.dat. put into CHT folder. delete the ezarcode.dat. because the ezarcode.dat have priority than usrcheat.dat.


    Update 5th of June, open beta 13 was released


    Support EZ-FLASH V Plus
    Fixed some ARDS code translate
    EZ5SDHC DLDI included
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    This is a good update and all but how about working on something more useful like SDHC compatibility... I tried the cheats when I got the cart but they don't work so I never bothered to try again so I will NOT be updating to this version.

    OB13=SDHC please kthx.
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    Yep OB13 is available and the new EZV Plus too with SDHC support !


    Also the ezflash website has been totaly renewed. [​IMG]

    Ezflash offical website
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    Man, this is so awesome. I've used EZ flash product since i had my first GBA SP. Anyone know where one could purchase this product?
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    Its not out yet..

    Seems i got my wish from my rant earlier. Will wait for a little bit to update to OB13...