EZ5 Kernel 2.0 RC6 (18th of September 2009)

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    EZ5 Kernel 2.0 RC6 (18th of September 2009)
    Bugfixes and minor features.

    The news is a few days old now but it was not reported, the EZTeam have released RC6 of the 2.0 line of EZ5 loaders (all versions of EZ5 can use it) and it brings a few fixes and improvements with it. For those just joining us the 2.0 loaders for the EZ5 are a total rewrite of the loader bringing loader speed increases and now starting to improve on older features, they are still a bit rough around the edges but they play games, have said extra features and thus far the general consensus is that they are a big improvement over the older loaders.


    [​IMG]EZFlash US forums thread
    [​IMG]EZFlash.cn thread
    [​IMG]GBAtemp download
    The GBAtemp download has the walkthrough tool added into it (the .cn does not include it but you can get it from older versions of the 2.0 kernel).
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    Thanks FAST6191 for the GBAtemp news. [​IMG]
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    Dam I still want to look at the Acekard pictures...