EZ5 kernel 1.84 released.

Discussion in 'EZ-Flash' started by FAST6191, Jul 7, 2008.

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    From Windirt at sosuke.com:
    grab at the software page. http://www.ezflash.cn/software.htm

    changelog since 1.82
    fixed 2420
    support 2385 8MBytes saver ( first time launch will cost 1.5 min create the save file)
    resetsp.bin updated to 2428, fixed 0696,2374,2410,2421

    I will up it along with the EZ4 stuff from the other day ( http://gbatemp.net/index.php?showtopic=93171 ) a bit later.
    2420 = Nanashi no Geemu
    2385 = Daigassou! Band Brothers DX
    2421 = Trauma Center - Under the Knife 2
    2410 = Evolution GT? (I think it might be Arkanoid and the EZteam use a different list)
    2374 = Cooking Guide - Can't Decide What to Eat
    0696 = Jump Ultimate Stars
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