EZ5 1.72 open beta 11

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    The EZTeam have released open beta 11 of the 1.72 kernel. This version adds download play support as mentioned below ARDS may be present in the loader but it has been disabled (that is next weeks beta apparently).
    Feel free to post bug reports here and I will convey them and there is also a bugmenot account for the EZFlash forums.
    Original thread:

    Post from windirt below:

    add download play support.
    resetsp.bin updated to 2310

    notice: please turn softreset off before using download play. (press the second icon to yellow in default skin).

    this is a function test version. test purpose for dowload play only. don't treat it as a final release.

    this thread only accept the download play bug report. if you see any ARDS things in the kernel, it's not working for you yet.


    Full changelog since 1.70
    open beta 11
    add download play support.
    resetsp.bin updated to 2310

    open beta 10
    Multi Language ( French, Spanish, German, Korean, Italian, Japanese, Russian and Polish all done, check release threads for improved translations).
    Copy and delete files loader side.

    open beta 9
    "fixed several bugs"

    open beta 7
    closed shortly after launch but animal crossing bug fixed.

    open beta 6
    fixed sav name issue
    removed key press after launch

    open beta 5
    update: cheat works
    fixed several internal errors
    fixed 2251

    the newest resetsp.bin included
    open beta (original)

    Save to microSD directly, the filesize of saver expanded to 512KB each. compatible with older saver. (still suggest to backup older saver before apply the update) this function is default, no manual operation needed.

    0174 0176 0636 0664 0991 can't run properly yet.

    a little number of games need to wait a while after launch it.

    resetsp updated to 2203
    fixed 2149 2153 2157 2165 2184 2194
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    Yeah ! At last the download play on RSA protected games. [​IMG]
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    jeez I just update to #9 and they release 11. I'm glad in a way that they update really fast.

    even with the updates my cart still crashes occasionally and requires a reset and removal of the cart to make it appear again otherwise its just blank.
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    Is the only advantage of this beta over 1.70 stable the support for download play?