EZ5 1.72 open beta 10

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    Full changelog below
    Already existing translation include:
    French, Spanish, German, Korean, Italian, Japanese, Russian and Polish.
    Also check the thread linked below as some improved translations have appeared.

    Quote from windirt:

    download at http://www.ezflash.cn/zip/ob10.rar

    this is a function test version.

    1. Multi Language
    create a folder "Lang" in the moonshl folder, and put the chinese.ini and english.ini into it.
    english.ini is the template for multi language. translate it into your local language and save as UTF-8 encode type. file name will be listed in the EZ5 menu.
    for example: you translate it into french. the filename should be French.ini.

    font note: some language need replace the font in the moonshl folder.
    here is the font download

    translated language file attach in this thread will be appreciated.

    2. File copy and delete
    Delete:Choose the file to delete. Press X will popup the confirm menu. A to confirm, B to cancel.

    Copy: Choose the file to copy, Press Y will mark it. ( a text of "copy" will be displayed on the title bar of upper screen). navigate to the target folder and press Y again. confirm menu will popup. A to copy, B to cancel, you can cancel the copy process by press B.
    note: copy can't operate in same folder.
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    Wow I just updated the other day and now 10 is out! SWEET. Works like a charm. Heres hoping for some new features next release!